Monday, February 16, 2009

Ashmount Avenue: Before & After

Photo: Oakland Library History Room
I found some old photos of 1016 and 1012 Ashmount Avenue taken shortly after these houses were built, in 1912. After 95 years, the house at 1016 Ashmount looks pretty good, as you can see by comparing the old photo, above, to the one I took in February of 2007, below. 

Photo: Jim Stetson, 2007
You really have to study the photos to see any difference in the house. It looks like someone added a louver in the gable but that's about the only change. It always bugged me that someone would have cut the fascia out around that second floor window and it made me think that window was not original. But the window shows in the old photo,  so maybe it was planned that way. It's just one of those inexplicable odd things you see in JHT's buildings sometimes. In the right hand side of the old photo of 1012 you can see a portion of the house at 1016 Ashmount.

Photo: Oakland Library History Room
This house is known as the Conners House and it is one of JHT's best. You can see pictures of this house taken in 1997 in the
JHT Gallery, but the place is for sale now, so check out these very good pictures: 1012 Ashmount It looks like it was restored to like-new condition. Wish I had an extra $2M hanging around. Crocker Highlands is glorious in the spring but it would be even better sitting on that terrace.

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