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Hi, I'm Pam Strayer and I am a John Hudson Thomas homeowner. Thanks to Jim for allowing me to join his blog as another contributor. I've lived in the Bourne Melvin house on Majestic Ave. near Mill College since 2000. The area was known as Chevrolet Park in 1927 when the house was built (probably because there was a Chevrolet Plant in nearby Eastmont). It's a doll's house version (although it's 1700 sq. ft.) of Thomas' own house which he built the following year in Kensington.


Thomas fan Foster Goldstrom, who lives in Maybeck's Chick House in Berkeley, recently shared with me hundreds of photos of Thomas houses taken in 2002 with Hiro Morimoto, the architect who worked for many years on restoring Thomas's biggest project, Wintermute, on Tunnel Road in Berkeley.

I've uploaded the 500+ photos to a group pool where people can view the photos and contribute their own. There may be a few houses here that are not JHT that Foster and Hiro just wondered about. As I work my way through the lot, I will set those aside in a separate set or delete them altogether. Also, Hiro and Foster sometimes took pictures of house interiors but these have not been included in the publicly viewable photo sets unless owners have given permission. (If you remember that Hiro and Foster took pictures of the interior of your home and you want to give us permission to put these online, please email me at strayerpam at

In the process of trying to identify many of the houses, I have not been able to sort them out from the notes well enough, and besides, I decided to try to start taking a look at them in person. My other post today lays out the day's adventures.

But before moving on to that, please visit the collection. I am in the process of attaching names, dates, and addresses to the photos, and as there are 500+ it may take me some time. You can add comments to photos on Flickr, so be sure to add any you'd like to and upload more photos. You can also tag photos that are similar and sort them to view that way.

Flickr has a lovely slideshow viewing feature you can use as well. You cannot click on that apparently from the "collection" mode, but you can once you are at the "set" level. Enjoy and feel free to spread the word to any other JHT enthusiasts you may know.

 Photos of John Hudson Thomas houses

If you can't for some reason use this link to find it, go to and search for "John Hudson Thomas" which is the tag on all the photos. You can also search for the user "johnhudsonthomas."

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